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Ministry Teams Come In All Shapes and Sizes

What do you envision when you think about short-term missions groups? You might think about a group you traveled with in college. Perhaps a group of men building a church building comes to mind. It is important that you not limit the ways God calls to short-term missions.This Summer has given us a variety of teams. Yes, it is possible to be a team of one. Dean Heckman, a retired campground maintenance supervisor came all by himself. He has done many overseas missions trips in the past, but when his latest one was cancelled because of COVID 19, he sought out a domestic trip. Dean helped beautify the buildings and grounds, and installed parking stops in our new parking lot.

You can even volunteer your family. The Ringheisers, a family of four, came in person to see the ministry they have been supporting with giving and prayer. They found themselves doing a variety of work, including painting our new ministry team tool storage shed.

Killeen Church of the Nazarene sent a group of teens and adults to minister with a Kids Extravaganza. They had 23 total volunteers which almost filled our bunkhouses to the maximum of 24. While they were here, they also helped demolish and remove sidewalk that was beginning to crumble and become a safety issue.

Wanamaker Woods Church of the Nazarene, from Lenexa, Kansas, brought a group made up of families. The group was too large to house at CNMC, so Dumas Church of the Nazarene provided them housing. Almost 30 adults, teens and children worked at CNMC, and also worked with the Dumas church to do a Vacation Bible School.Whether you are an individual, family, small church or large, there are always ways to reach out to minister to others. It is exciting to know that God does not limit the innovative ways we may minister to others.

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