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From Canton to Cactus Investing Gifts

When a ministry team arrives in Cactus, Texas, it has to be ready for a variety of work. Many traditional ministry teams take on a building project, but the team from Canton, Ohio was kept very busy with a variety of ministries. Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center always tries to use whatever gifts a group bring along. With that in mind, the group from Canton was given tasks that matched the gifts of those who came to minister.They brought builders. They were able to put up framing, insulation, and drywall to create a home office for our African Pastor, Kor Chakud. The group had an electrician. He was able to move wiring to allow us to install awnings over our entrances, and to add a circuit for air conditioning and heating African Pastor Kor’s home office.

They had a clown. Yes, a real clown, not just someone who acts silly. He, and another group member he had trained, was able to help deliver the Bible messages at the after-school program and make them memorable. They entertained kids at a free ice cream social the day after the group arrived. One member of the group road his bicycle all the way here. His hobby of cycling was a gift to the children and neighbors as he was able to share his testimony, do a bicycle repair class, and fix many of our neighbor’s broken bicycles.

They brought an accountant. She helped create a budget spreadsheet for the Children’s and Family Ministries programs. And everyone pitched in using the greatest gift, love, as they ministered to the children in the after-school program, giving them time and attention. They also helped distribute coats to almost 10 percent of Cactus’ population. If we had only known they also had a dog groomer with them, we would have had dog grooming classes to create home businesses. Well, that will have to wait until next time, because they want to come back. God doesn’t give people gifts without expecting them to be used. And to those who use their gifts, he gives more!

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