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Civics & ESL Classess

Thanks to dedication, hard work and love for people, Sarah Alvord has been growing our ESL program despite COVID and despite working for The Well Health Center full time. When she's teaching you can hear the laughter and the excitement in the students voices. Classes are growing which means we need to offer more class times, which means we will be looking for someone who would like to volunteer to teach English as a second language to some wonderful people! Speaking of dedication and hard work. Erin Lands, despite preparing to be the Moore County District Attorney, continues to teach the Citizenship classes at CNMC and does a fantastic job! It is a known fact that everyone who has attended every class she offers has passed the citizenship test. It is such a privilege to watch and listen as she explains the history, government, and systems of our country. 

CNMC is so grateful for Erin and Sarah's dedication to the growth, education and development of the Cactus Texas community.

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