Join us in Ministry: Long-Term Volunteer

           Work and Witness Coordinator(s)

Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center is looking for a full time volunteer Work and Witness Coordinator.  Work and Witness is a ministry that serves CNMC in building relationships through work projects, educational, children's and evangelistic ministries with the City of Cactus and surrounding community.

Housing and utilities are provided. Coordinator(s) are encouraged to fundraise for other support funds needed. For more information or to apply, contact Phil Anderson at

    All Nations/International Church planter

The City of Cactus is home to about 20 different nationalities and ethnicities primarily immigrants and refugees from Central America, Myanmar and Africa. This English church plant will focus on bringing the many cultures together to worship Jesus in unity and love. The position is volunteer-based or bi-vocational.  For more information or to apply, contact Phil Anderson at

For other long-term volunteer opportunities contact Denise Anderson at

      Work and Witness Teams

CNMC is an official Church of the Nazarene Work and Witness site. Work and Witness teams of all sizes and ages are encouraged to consider CNMC as your next Work and Witness opportunity. We anticipate that teams may serve in one or more of these areas while in Cactus: Construction and Landscaping, City Beautification,Teaching ESL, Volunteering in schools and other community agencies and Outreach. View our page at NazServe for more information and/or contact us at


University interns who are studying in Social Work, Intercultural studies, ministry, missions, ESL, etc are encouraged to consider spending a summer or semester working in their field of study within the Cactus community.  Denise Anderson, is a licensed social worker with 30 years of experience in the field.  Both Phil and Denise have 12 years of missions' experience as well.  Dr. Steph is a family doctor who practiced medicine on the mission field as well.  For more information about internships or to apply, please contact Denise Anderson at

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