What We Do

 Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center (CNMC) began in 2013. This Compassion ministry located in the diverse Texas panhandle town of Cactus, TX. CNMC ministers to the 20+ cultures that live in Cactus and surrounding areas, primarily immigrants and refugees from Central America, Myanmar, and Africa,  through:


BLAST is our wonderful after school program that partners with Cactus Elementary. We are able to offer academic assistance, have a time of reading, crafts, story time and snack.

In addition to the school year, we get to extend our program and turn BLAST into a summer program.English is not the first language for most of the kids in our community, so BLAST gives us the opportunity to keep the kids familiar with the language so they are on track when they come back to school.


Immigration Services

We are now Recognized by the Department of Justice and Dr. Denise Anderson is an Accredited Representative to offer legal immigration services.  If you need help, we are able to offer legal immigration consultations and assistance. 

Call for an appt at 806-421-0160

Citizenship/ESL Services

Since there are so many cultures and languages represented in Cactus, we found that ESL classes were a necessity. Many people need to be able to speak and understand the language to be able to work, go to school or even become citizens. That is why we offer two types of classes -one for those who want to learn language and be able to speak it, and a civics class in English, for those pursuing citizenship.


Cactus African Church of the Nazarene

We have the wonderful opportunity to have an African congregation meet in our building every Sunday evening. Originally the services were led completely in Dinka, but now, as many different dialects are represented in the church, Pastor Kor Chakud brings the word in English. It is a blessing to have them be part of who we are.

Community Engagement

 Community engagement is a big priority at CNMC. We partner with JBS and Snack Pack 4 Kids to give away meat and produce and we partner with local churches to do "Bundle Up Cactus". We are always looking for opportunities to engage with our community and serve in the best way we can.


We Need Your Support Today!

Email: info@cactusministries.org

Phone: (806)-421-0160

Registered Charity: We are 501C3
EIN 46-3670736

GuideStar profile: https://www.guidestar.org/profile/46-3670736

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