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Designer's Toolbox: Illustrator CS5 In this introductory chapter, we are going to look at Adobe Illustrator CS5, one of the most powerful tools for all levels of designers. Designers use Illustrator to create, edit, and manipulate vector graphics, text, and images. Illustrator is very powerful. Copyright 2018. All rights reserved. Introduction Its original purpose is to produce high-resolution print graphics. Thanks to the improvements in CMYK and RGB color modes, high-resolution printing is a luxury of the past, and now Illustrator is commonly used for many other types of digital production, including editing large images (huge maps, for example) or images for Web pages. This book is a comprehensive guide to the features, tools, and techniques of Illustrator CS5. It will get you started quickly, but if you want to master it, we recommend taking your time, getting to know the menus, learning how to work with layers and guides, and refining your knowledge. The interface is very simple: The artboard is the main window. You will see a white canvas, along with a "New" icon at the top right of the artboard window. The Properties panel (see Figure 3.1) is to the right of the artboard. **Figure 3.1** The top bar: Features, Options, and File. We will cover the basic features of the artboard, which includes a white canvas, layers, guides, and so on. Afterward, we will go to the Features, Options, and File menus to see how to customize the interface. Using Illustrator CS5 The best way to use Illustrator is to start a project. Create a new document in Illustrator by clicking the New icon on the artboard. The first step is to specify the size of the canvas. The default size is 10 × 10 inches (25.4 × 25.4 cm) or 150 × 150 pixels (or however high resolution your monitor can display). The next step is to add a background color and a preset size for the artwork. If you click on the Colors panel, you can change the background color to black, white, or another color. The Settings (preview) buttons are at the bottom of the Colors panel (see Figure 3.2). **Figure 3.2** The colors panel with black, white, and others




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Flexsim Simulation Software Crack Zip

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