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W&W Projects for 2021

Even in the midst of the pandemic of 2020, informal Ministry teams continued to minister in Cactus. A group from Hereford, TX volunteered to help with Bundle Up Cactus. A family from Michigan built storage shelves and helped distribute food for the Summer lunch program. A group from Elkhart, Kansas fixed the roof on our intern house. Guymon, Oklahoma sent a team that did general repairs and built a fence.

Pastors from Fort Worth and Pampa helped us with concretework around our building. This was all done while still being careful to maintain distance, wear masks, and sanitize. We are grateful for many volunteers, hours of labor, and loving ministry these groups provided.

Now we have entered 2021. Our county in Texas reported 7 straight days without a new COVID 19 infection, from March 13 to 20. This is very good news as we begin to ramp up our Ministry Team opportunities. So far, two Nazarene universities, and 3 other teams, are already scheduled to help this Spring. However, we still have a lot of needs. One particular need is the construction of a tool and equipment storage unit. A very recent donation was designated to pay for the building materials; we just need a talented construction team to assemble it.

A widow donated her late husband’s tools, another young lady bought a couple of toolboxes of hand tools, and yet another person has given funds to buy a few battery powered tools. All of this is a real blessing, since our director Phil Anderson was tired of doing building repairs with his pocket knife.

Besides the construction of our equipment storage facility, a few other needs for our facility include:

  • Purchasing and installing rubber parking stops on our newly paved lot, to prevent building damage.

  • Painting the house of a shut-in Meals on Wheels client.

  • Providing and installing flooring on our bare cement floors at CNMC.

  • Moving a water supply pipe from running up an external wall, to inside of the wall.

  • Repairing and staining the fence around the property.

  • Repairing and staining the fences around the two house yards.

If you, your business or your church, would like to help at CNMC, call: 806-421-0160, or e-mail Todd Forrest at:

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