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Viva Futbol!

Futbol is a sport that spans time and bridges cultures. It is a universal language spoken through sportsmanship and fun. This was my experience as I led two weeks of soccer camp in Cactus! During that time, we played with children ages 5-12 from all types of backgrounds, teaching them to pass, dribble, shoot, and more, all through fun drills! Everyday ended with either a scrimmage or a game! One day we had a water balloon fight, while on a different day we did a water obstacle course, and on yet another day we had a paint fight! Though playing soccer in the heat can be challenging, the children not only learned life lessons about hard work, but they experimented with how to get frozen water out of plastic bottles. Every day was a new adventure with new challenges, but at the end of each day everyone was united thanks to a simple toy made of rubber and air.

The children continued their athletic streak at gymnastics camp, led by a work and witness team from Topeka, KS. With the help of the volunteers, the children of Cactus were taught the importance of individual improvement as they ventured onto the balance beam and bars. A strong community was cultivated at camp not only through gymnastic techniques, but from school yard games like Sharks and Minnows, as well as short devotionals. The bonds formed here at Cactus, whether through soccer, gymnastics, or any of CNMC’s other programs, are something you carry with you forever. It is through these relationships that God is working and moving in this small immigrant town.

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