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Tools for CNMC!

In April our Executive Director Phil and his wife Denise were speaking in Mt. Vernon 1st Church of the Nazarene in Ohio, when Phil jokingly claimed he had to do most of the maintenance on the ministry center with his pocket knife. The comment opened the flood gates. The very next day Danae Riffle brought a couple of new tool boxes filled with new tools to take back to the Center. But that wasn't all.

Janice McCament's (pictured here) husband passed away a few months ago and Janice was praying about what to do with the 2 garages of tools she now had no need for. She came to Phil and gave them all to CNMC! However, if that wasn't enough, another family approached phil and Denise and gave them a check for $5,000 to buy more tools and or build a tool shed to store everything in. The shed is a desperate need as all of the paint supplies and other maintenance items are stored along with the Medical Clinic's and the After school program's supplies. Now, we're praying for the right ministry team, with the skill and time to come and build a tool storage shed. We are continually amazed at how God provides for hte ministry in Cactus through wonderful, obedient, giving partners.

Thank you Lord and thank you to all who faithfully provide for the ministry needs of Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center!

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