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Temporary Volunteers, Long-Term Impact.

Jackie Ray has done volunteer ministry at CNMC three times. Her returns to CNMC are always welcome. Jackie comes from Saginaw, Michigan, with her love language being cooking. Anyone who has had the opportunity to share in her meals feels very loved! Jackie just finished a little short of a month of cooking for ministry teams from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and Southern Nazarene University respectively.

Of course, most of the CNMC workers also found time to be around the dining room at supper time. Using her gift of cooking makes it easier for the teams to concentrate on the ministries and work they come to Cactus to do.

Jackie's ministry blesses teams so they can in turn bless the community of Cactus.

Jackie's sense of humor, and ever-present smile is just as much of a blessing as her cooking. It just shows that God can use any gift, if we are willing to use it for Him. There are always many different opportunities for ministry at CNMC. Never think your gifts are not special and can't be used for the Kingdom. Come and see how God can use your gifts. Call CNMC and volunteer. Share your gifts.

-Todd Forrest

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