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Teen Zone

Hi, My name is Estrella. I was tasked with starting the Teen Leadership Program and ESL kids program under BLAST at Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center. I soon realized how hard it was to plan for the unplannable. It took many trials but I found a way to make my teachings easier to understand. Planning games or events ahead of time now goes through a system of what the student’s need or what they seem more excited about. The teens are very talented artists. They love crafts and talking. The boys in the teen group are active and energetic. So I have been putting that into my plans.

It is my first time under a teaching role after college. I really love learning more about my students and personalizing things just for them. The girls in the ESL program are all very friendly and love playing games. I try to come up with games that help them with english and grammar. For the boys in ESL I keep it repetitive and fast paced to keep their focus.

What I learned here in Cactus is how to be a better leader. I always love the international culture here. The people are all so charming and really have melted my heart. The stories are unforgettable. But, teaching young teens and children has helped me understand a different perspective about their generation. They crave to do more than just be at home. They are all wanting to get out, explore, and be active. If I have at least given them that, hopefully their lives have been impacted as much as they have impacted mine.

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