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Introducing The Spring 2021 CNMC Interns!

Tiara Buchanan (pronounced, t-air-uh) is a senior social work student at Olivet Nazarene University.

Tiara decided to do her internship with us in Cactus because she is passionate about social justice and securing human rights and plant-based cooking. Interestingly, she felt compelled to serve in the panhandle of Texas where beef cows outnumber humans 7 to 1.

In her free time, Tiara enjoys unironically throwing up the peace sign, spending time outside, painting, listening to music, watching Netflix and journaling. During her time serving at CNMC, Tiara hopes to learn how to better serve immigrants and refugees as well as grow stronger in her faith. We look forward to working with Tiara to meet those hopes in every way! Thanks Tiara for choosing Cactus!

Perla Guzman-Luca is a senior social work student at Olivet Nazarene University. In her free time, Perla enjoys working out watching fitness videos, listening to music, journaling, eating diverse dishes, and watching TV shows! Perla is passionate about social justice, caring for older adults, and anything that has to do with medical social work! She hopes to earn her master's in clinical or medical social work and work in the medical field in her future! While interning at Cactus Nazarene Ministries, she hopes to grow in her spiritual life and learn how to better serve the population in Cactus.

Thanks Perla for choosing Cactus!

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