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Immigration Services Continue

For the past year we have had the amazing opportunity to partner with Dr. Arlita Harris to assist people in the community with their immigration process. Arlita is an accredited representative through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and founder/president of the immigration services at Western Oaks Church of The Nazarene.

We are still in the process of becoming accredited through the DOJ for our immigration services, so Arlita has blessed us by extending the time that she agreed to help us. She has face to face online meetings where she works through all of the applicant’s needs. During this year, we have been able to assist many clients in their immigration process. From helping them file the applications needed, to teaching them US civics and also hold mock interviews in preparation for their naturalization interviews.

As an accredited provider through the DOJ, Arlita personally represents each person who goes in for their interview, offering them a greater chance for citizenship and giving the clients more confidence as she vouches for each person. We have started to see results from this work as many of our clients are getting follow ups from the USCIS. In the picture bellow you can see a couple who just passed their interviews and will become citizens this coming week!

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