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God's Grandiose Revelation

These are the thoughts of one student from Mount Vernon Nazarene University after visiting CNMC with his team:

  1. Comfort is not necessitated in the carrying out of God’s will in my life.

  2. Immigrants are not driven by mere selfishness. Many are guided by more courage and ambition for their family’s well being than any of us will ever understand. They leave their families, travel to a foreign land, and work the “dirty jobs” us privileged choose not to. THIS IS PERSEVERANCE AND AMBITION.

  3. The adults in the GED program allowed me to foster humility in my college career. I’ve come to realize that being an up-and-coming “superstar” in the workforce is not the proper posture. I am not the center of the universe, or in this case, the workforce.

  4. The joy of the Lord is boldly manifest in the kids who foster utmost contentment with what little they have.

  5. I was finally made apt of Paul’s advocacy for boasting in my weakness. My weakness bore joy and glad enthusiasm in a child.

  6. The Holy Spirit softened my barriers against fellowship. I have never been a people person, however, through this journey, bearing with others both in joy and sorrow, I have come to realize the radical and transformative power of fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ.

  7. My vocation does not imply exclusivity in evangelism; ministry is not geographically bound and the mission field is ever present everywhere.

  8. At the end of the day, someone has to take the lowly or last seat at the table- yet these positions/jobs hold extravagant eternal significance.

  9. The Spanish church service testified to the radical amassing of the Holy Spirit when two or more are gathered in HIS name- again the gospel is not bound by geographical or language “barriers.”

  10. Loving my brothers and sisters in Christ carries a two-way mandate; actions and words can both abundantly bolster one another amidst the valleys and mountains of life.

-Gavin Mattix

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