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Blast Volunteers

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for reading this short paragraph about an amazing program called BLAST. As you read in the last newsletter BLAST is a program that provides kiddos an opportunity to grow outside of school and provides one-to-one tutoring for those needing extra help. Due to COVID, we were not offering this program for almost a whole year, however, this gave the team more time to update and change it up in a way that would better benefit the kids !

We have an amazing team of volunteers that work with with the children, including a group of teenagers from the Dumas high school. As a current volunteer, I have learned so much from the kids I tutor already. They are amazing and every week I look forward to teaching them more about the subjects I have planned for them. Like me, many of the kids in the program speak another language and English is their second or even 3rd language, this program offers them an opportunity to develop in the English language, and feel confident as they grow in their education. This program happens three times a week, with a focus on different subjects each day, such as, a short Bible lesson and prayer, reading, grammar, and reading comprehension. But it's not all work as we also get to play fun activities and have nutritional snacks with the kiddos. There is really so much more that happens within this ministry program so please feel free to contact Raquel Forrest, our Children and Families Coordinator ( to find out more information or how you can partner with her in supporting the Children and Families Ministry of Cactus TX.

-Perla Guzman

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