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Barriers are a huge reason why CNMC & The Well exist. One of the huge barriers for Cactus residents is distance and a lack of transportation. Previously, when a pregnant woman came to The Well Health Center, she would receive a pregnancy test and regular check-up, but, due to legal restrictions, any further care would require her to travel to the nearest town with an OBGYN. 

Because many women can’t easily make the trip, the Dumas hospital has delivered multiple babies from Cactus that have arrived by ambulance without any prenatal care. This can be dangerous for both mother and baby given that everything from diseases to Rh blood issues may cause illness or death if not taken care of beforehand. 

Thanks to God’s provision and the hard work of many, The Well has begun offering prenatal care this November! One of the clinic’s first prenatal patients is due to bring her child into the world in just 2 short weeks. As The Well serves these patients, the staff will not only be seeking to meet the physical needs of the mothers and their babies, but also will be working to connect them with resources and services they need. 

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