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An Active Summer

We just completed our first after-school Blast program since COVID 19 shut it down in 2020. We had 42 enrolled, aged 4 - 11. It has been an amazing learning experience. One of the joys of Blast was just watching the children grow throughout the semester.

An even greater joy was watching their reading and English language improving every month since January. We have had several ESL kids go from level A or B (beginner) to D and E (closer to grade level) in just 2 months. Their vocabulary and pronunciation in English improved so much. Listening to them answer questions in English, even talking to us in English to share their prayer concerns, without fear and reservation, was one of the highlights of BLAST. It was great seeing their reading levels go up fast from week to week, confidence growing, and their smiles as they shared their stories of success.

This summer we have added several different events, including a continuation of the ESL for kids once per week. We hope to increase their language skills as we continue to work with at least 6-8 students. Due to the school adding an additional half day of education for the month of June, we will be providing soccer and gymnastics camps for two weeks and a VBS in the evenings for children 4-12. We are also introducing a safe environment by providing “Teen Zone” twice a week for those 13-16. They will have a place to hang out, work on healthy peer relations, and enjoy games or other activities along with devotionals or lessons. We hope to help them make better decisions, establish healthy habits and foster strong friendships while having fun. I thank our two young ladies, Grace Abrams and Estrella Forrest for helping us put these activities together. Please pray for them as they lead these kiddos.

Also beginning this June, we start our brand new Family Empowerment Education (F.E.Ed.) program. We will be teaching new parents how to care for their infants, educating them on home and child safety as well as child development/knowing your child better, as well as nutrition classes. Please pray for the families and children as we provide the tools needed for their success.

Summer is starting with amazing goals, events and activities through which we will be reuniting the kids that attended Afterschool Blast and hopefully new children for Summer Blast. We are so thankful for this past semester and looking forward to an AWESOME summer here at CNMC. We are so glad God is the same ,regardless of the type of ministry we do. “There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. There are different kinds of working, but in all of them and in everyone it is the same God at work.” 1 Cor. 12:5-6

-Raquel Forrest

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