Children & Families


Cactus Nazarene Ministry Center’s goal is to develop healthy, bright and successful leaders through the BLAST program. Our purpose is to help children learn to succeed today, and to create a plan for success in the future. We assist children with homework, learning English, understanding the cultures around them,  and creating healthy patterns of studying, self-motivation, confidence, goal setting, adapting to cultural expectations and facing challenges. Our BLAST program focuses on each child and their mental, social, physical and spiritual needs through monthly character-building themes like leadership, cooperation, honesty, kindness and more. 


Summer BLAST

Similar to our BLAST program, our summer Blast is a continuation of the educational, Bible-based character building and leadership training program.  We meet 2 to 3 days a week during the summer for 6-10 weeks. By providing a safe place for the children K-5th during the summer we strive to encourage future success of the children in Cactus. We keep children learning throughout the Summer with English-as-a-second-language, reading, writing and math alongside the bible-based character-building program.

               Separate from the Summer Blast, as teams and volunteers are available, we schedule different sports camps for different ages. These last approximately 1 -2 weeks. Summer lunches are also provided for those students who normally receive free school lunches.

Teen Programs:

Wednesdays & Fridays from 4-8 pm will provide a safe and supervised place to hang out, chat, play games and more. We provide teen inspired family time with devotional, activities and more for teens from ages 13-16. This is an extension of our Summer Blast program with an extreme twist. Plus, you never know what or who will stop by to join in the games.


Family Empowerment Education (F.E.Ed)

Family Empowerment Education is one of our newest endeavors here at CNMC. As we strive to equip the families with tools so they can be empowered to overcome the obstacles that may have led them here. We do this through educational classes, whether in groups or individually. These classes as in finances, child safety, infant care, nutrition classes and created with our mission and vision in mind as well as the needs. The Well and other organizations partner with us to provide these and many classes. Incentive gifts and starter items are given to the parents once the class has been completed.

Family Services