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Cactus International Church of the Nazarene


The church

We have the wonderful opportunity to have an international congregation meet in our building every Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm. Originally the services were led completely in Dinka, but now, as many different dialects are represented in the church, Pastor Kor Chakud brings the word in English. It is a blessing to have them be part of who we are.

Pastor Olbin

Pastor Kor had just graduated high school when he was sent to recruitment camp during the Second Sudanese Civil War. Knowing this was not where he was meant to be, he left everything and escaped to Egypt. It was during his time in Egypt that Pastor Kor accepted Christ, renouncing his native religion – Islam. Once his case was processed, a Catholic Charity sponsored Kor, bringing him to the United States where he learned to follow Christ more closely. Kor is now settled here in Cactus, Texas where he has become the lead pastor of the African Church of the Nazarene. He strongly believes in God’s call to go and make Christ like disciples of all nations, and thus his church is constantly reaching out to the immigrants and refugees in the community. Kor is a living testimony of God’s saving grace and we pray for the work God is doing in and through him.

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