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EAL Classes

We are fortunate to offer EAL (English as an Additional Language) classes throughout the year. Students from all levels are welcome to register for class. It is important to us that English classes are affordable and accessible here in Cactus for anyone who is looking to improve their English. English proficiency is extremely helpful here in the U.S. not only for daily life but especially for job searching, career betterment, or for continuing education. We hope that by offering this service to our community, we can foster an educational and enjoyable experience.  

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Each course lasts 6 weeks long and the sessions are twice a week for an hour. The current payment for the class is $30 plus the payment for the book. The book set that is used in the ESL classes are called English For Everyone and has free online audio as well as an app that is used in class. It is also encouraged that students take advantage of these resources to help with at home practice.

ESL & GED Programs
Cactus Nazarene Ministries

ESL & GED Programs

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